Animal Totems
Animal Symbolism

Armadillo Patience, conflict avoidance, tenacity at work

Badger Guardian of the South, strength, ferocity, protection, passion

Bear Guardian of the West, healing at all levels, introspection, protection

Beaver Industriousness, guardian and facilitator of the emotions, skill

Buffalo Provider of abundance, power, mysticism, love

Butterfly Transformation, beauty, balance in fragility

Coyote Trickster, reminder of humor, deep introspection

Cat Flexibility, communication, protector of psychic territory

Deer Grace, love, acceptance in giving

Eagle Communicator with the Divine, aspiration, reaching new heights

Elk Majesty, confidence, renewal

Fox Clever, develop family ties, ability to blend in

Frog Fertility, bringer of rain, emotional cleansing

Hawk Communicator of divine messages

Horse Guardian of travel, love, freedom

HummingbirdReminder of joy, instigator of love, fierce emotional protector

Lizard Related to the element of fire, assists in dreams, relaxation

Mole Guardian of the underworld, telepathic, grounding

Mountain LionGuardian of the North, passion, power, rage, protection, wisdom

Otter Playful, parenting skills, emotional facilitator, conflict resolution

Owl Messenger of the night and the world of the dead, wisdom

Rabbit Fertility, passivity, gentleness, getting out of bad situations

Raven Mystical messenger, helps show the way, gives warnings

Snake Transformation, sexuality, feminine power and balance

Turtle Grounding, steadiness, peaceful protection, balance

Squirrel Planning, reminder to be prepared, happiness, playfulness

Wolf Guardian of the East, protector of the family, loyalty, group facilitator

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